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Certificate in Computer Application (CCA) basic level computer The programme can equip a person to use the computers in day-to-day life for professional and personal use. Students who have appearing for Class 10 or 12 exams must be looking for this courses. Tally Academy course is learning and collection of software to be used in official activities. Such as Microsoft Word for creating official documents, Microsoft Excel for calculating different accounts related to daily activities, Microsoft PowerPoint for any kind of official presentation. There are many other tools office activities in Microsoft office. It is mandatory to learn to use this before joining in an office. This is a very basic computer skill. You have to learn it before acquiring any other computer skills. All branch of Tally Academy offers great qualified training on Microsoft Office. You will acquire all the basic skills of Computer Fundamentals, Computer Typing, Microsoft Office & Internet from our expert trainers. , the leading IT institute of India, always ensures quality training. Develop your career with us.

Course Highlights

Duration 6 Months (2 Classes in a Week) 48 Classes
3 Months (3 Classes in a Week) 48 Classes
Free Books 1 Books as Study Matireal
Examination Online
Online Digital & Hard Copy
Prerequisites Basic Computing

Computer Application Syllabus (1 Books) :

Topics covered :

  1. An overview of computer and systems
  2. Computer Typing
  3. Online Computer Typing/Exam
  4. Operating Computer: MS Windows 7 /Windows 10
  5. Word Processing : MS Word
  6. Worksheet : MS Excel
  7. Presentation Graphics: MS Power Point
  8. Internet & E-Mail

How Certificate in Computer Application(CCA) Course can Benefit you

Computers are everywhere and are used everyday. Regardless of the industry you choose to go in or are in, you will have to use a computer to do your job at some point. Having basic computer knowledge and skills can benefit your career in more ways than one.

Improve Employability

Knowing how to use a computer makes you more valuable. You don’t need to know how to build a computer but employers prefer that you know how to use its primary functions.

Increased Productivity

Computers allow you to get more done faster. Knowing how to work one allows you to effectively increase your productivity. However, if you don’t know what you are doing you can do more harm than good.

Career Advancements

No one wants to get stuck working the same job forever. But having computer skills, opens you up to career opportunities. Now you might not go from an entry position to a senior position in one day. But you will be able to progress in your career much easier.

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