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Advanced Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) is the most popular course especially for students, studying vocational courses at ITIs/ITCs. & Students who have appearing for Class 10 or 12 exams or Students who wants to pursue a career in accounts and taxes in the future.
MS Excel is a highly used software for office work and it requires in the day to day professional life. It is highly necessary for an office worker to learn the Advance level excel for their personal as well as professional work. Certificate in Advance Excel (CAE) delivers the combination complete depth knowledge of all features of MS Excel advance level about the tools required for the development of Excel worksheet.
This training course on Tally for Beginners is a foundation course delivered by Tally Academy. Tally is a renowned and leading accounting software used by many companies the world over. It is one of the most widely used and easy to understand accounting software.
This course gives you foundation knowledge of basic features of Tally. Students will benefit if they have basic knowledge before doing the Advanced Tally Course.

Course Highlights

Duration 14 Months (2 Classes in a Week) 120 Classes
7 Months (3 Classes in a Week) 120 Classes
Free Books 3 Books as Study Material
Examination Online
Certificate Digital & Hard Copy
Prerequisites After appearing for Secondary/Higher Secondary Examination

Computer Application Syllabus (1 Books) :

Topics covered :

  1. Knowing computer: An overview of computer and systems
  2. Computer Typing
  3. Online Computer Typing/Exam
  4. Operating Computer: MS Windows 7 /Windows 10
  5. Word Processing : MS Word
  6. Worksheet : MS Excel
  7. Presentation Graphics: MS Power Point
  8. Internet & E-Mail

Advance Excel Syllabus (1 Books) :

Chapter 1: Introduction of Advance Excel

  • Introduction
  • Excel Online
  • Excel workbook in your one drive accont
  • Excel mobile apps
  • Become familiar with new features in
  • advance excel
  • Moving around a worksheet
  • Using the Ribbn, Ribbon tabs
  • Getting startred on your worksheet
  • Filling in the month names
  • Formatting number using the format cells Dialog box
  • Selecting complete rows and columns
  • Selecting noncontiguous ranges
  • Using the paste special dialog box
  • Working with the total row
  • Date-related functions
  • Adjusting the page margins
  • Adding a eader and footer to your reports
  • Selecting a predefined header or footer
  • Advance excel (Basic Short Question & Answers)
  • Formulas

Chapter 2: Quick reference (SHEET & MISC QUESTION WITH ANSWER)

  • Short question related to MS exce
  • Formula

Chapter 3: Flash fill & data validation

  • Flash fill
  • Advance conditional formatting
  • Data validation

Chapter 4:Data Table, Solver & Advanced Financial Analysis Set up

  • Data table and solver
  • Double decline balance method of depreciation (DDB)
  • Lookup function
  • And, Autosome, Count blank, Count if, Dcount, Dsum, Db,

Chapter 5:Conditional logics, lookup and charts

  • V lookup, Lower, Upper, Match, Product, Sin, Sum if, Rank, Sum Product, Subtotal, Goal Seek, Chart, Scenario, Consolidate

Chapter 6:PowerPivot and Woking with other formulas

  • Pivot Table and Charts
  • Index
  • Match index
  • Mround

Chapter 7: Functions and formulas with formatting

  • Economic value of product
  • Name of product for each class
  • Transpose, Dcounta

Chapter 8: Quick Reference - Sheet & Misc. Questions with Answer

  • Practical Assignment

Certificate in Basic Tally (CBT) Syllabus :

  • Chapter : 01 – Basic of Accounting
  • Chapter : 02 – Business Organizations
  • Chapter : 03 – Accounting on Computers
  • Chapter : 04 – Tally Fundamentals
  • Chapter : 05 – Processing Transaction in Tally
  • Chapter : 06 – Report Generation
  • Chapter : 07 – GST - Fundamentals
  • Project - 1
  • Project - 2
  • Project - 3

How Certificate in Computer Application(CCA) Course can Benefit you

Computers are everywhere and are used everyday. Regardless of the industry you choose to go in or are in, you will have to use a computer to do your job at some point. Having basic computer knowledge and skills can benefit your career in more ways than one.

Improve Employability

Knowing how to use a computer makes you more valuable. You don’t need to know how to build a computer but employers prefer that you know how to use its primary functions.Increased Productivity

Computers allow you to get more done faster. Knowing how to work one allows you to effectively increase your productivity. However, if you don’t know what you are doing you can do more harm than good.

Career Opportunity

If you are a Microsoft Office & Advanced Excel expert, then you are considered as an expert in maintaining all kinds of official activities. Recruiters always look for the Microsoft Office & skills in the candidates. Because this skill is considered to be the primary skill to maintain all kinds of official records and activities, with the help of this skill, anyone can show their management skill. And a Microsoft Office skilled person will be able to differ himself/herself from the ordinary ones. This skill will help you develop your career by both local and international marketplaces.

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